Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Blik Calendar Widget

Release Notes

If Blik is running all the time, won't it use up my battery?

The Blik Service remains in memory to ensure that it remains up-to-date as the time changes and calendar events are added, modified, and removed. When Android shows that an app is loaded in memory, it doesn't mean that it is doing anything though. Blik will respond whenever your calendar events change and Android can even kill the Blik Service if it needs to and will restart it again automatically. If your calendar events aren't changing and you aren't interacting with the Blik widget, then the Blik Service won't be doing anything at all except waiting for the system to tell it that events have changed. And even when changes do happen to the calendar events, the power usage by Blik is very small.

How come I can't move the Blik Calendar Widget to my SD card?

There is a limitation in Android that prevents any app that provides a widget to be put on the SD card. The Blik Calendar Widget is completely capable of running from the SD card, but if it is enabled and you then connect your phone to your computer and mount the SD card, then everything on the card is no longer available to Android. If you have any interaction with a widget or the widget updates itself while the SD card is mounted, Android is not able to access it and will stop showing the widget display. The only way to fix that is to either powerdown and restart your phone or to remove the broken widget and then re-add it. For this reason, the Blik Calendar Widget is set specifically to not allow installation to the SD card.

How do I delete (or modify) calendar events?

The Blik Calendar Widget only reads the calendar events to display them. Even when you create a new event from Blik, all Blik is doing is telling the built-in Android Calendar app to display its Create Event screen for a specific day. If you have Android 4.0 or later, Blik can open the calendar to delete or modify an event from the My Events screen. On older versions of Android, you will need to start the Calendar app to perform the delete or edit operation. Just tap on the center of the row or column widget and then tap on Calendar (from the month layout, just tap on the calendar icon in the lower control bar).

My calendar events aren't syncing. What's going on?

Syncing of your calendar events is done by Android to There are a few things that can make syncing stop. See the Sync Help Page for detailed instructions on what to check for to get syncing working again.

Can I change the picture that is assigned to a calendar event?

Blik works by looking at the text of each calendar event to automatically select a picture that it thinks is the best. Sometimes you might not like the picture that Blik chooses though. You can assign a different picture to any event, even in the free version. Go to the Details screen, tap on the event you want to change, then tap on "Change picture" from the menu and follow the instructions.

If you've purchased the Pro License Key, you can also create your own keyword rule to associate words that will match a picture. Your keyword rule will be applied to all events so that you don't have to assign picture for each event that contains that text since Blik will then do it automatically. To create your own keyword rule, select the second radio button option to apply the picture change to "events with similar text".

Why do I see question marks for some of my events?

When you have a calendar event that Blik can't find a keyword for, it will show the circle with a question mark. As more pictures and keywords are added through updates, you will see less of these. You can assign any of Blik's picture to each of these events by tapping on each of them in the Details screen and choosing "Change picture". If you purchase the Blik Pro License Key, you can even create your own keyword rules so that Blik will use a specific picture whenever it sees a word sequence that you choose.

How do I know what keywords will select each picture?

The concept behind Blik is that it should "just work", so you shouldn't need to think about the keywords to put in your calendar for events. There will be times when a picture or rule doesn't exist for something that you add though. If you purchase the Pro License Key, you can create your own keyword rules that associate the text you select with a picture so that Blik will always use that picture for any events with that text.

You can also send feedback so that we can consider adding a new picture for something that doesn't yet exist in the built-in pictures. Go to the Blik Settings screen or the About screen and tap on Send Feedback, then follow the instructions.

How can I change the color that is used for my different calendars?

You can change the colors that are displayed for individual calendars by going to and clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of the calendar you'd like to change. Select the new color that you'd like to use and the next time your phone syncs with your Google calendar, Blik will pick up the change that you've made. Make sure to check out the other Tips from the Blik Settings screen under the Help section.

I'm having trouble with the Blik Pro License Key. What can I do to fix it?

See the Blik Pro License Key Help Page for detailed information.